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Advanced training in the field

During the course, EcomSchool’s training program provides you with all the tools you need to create your own high-yielding online property, and to become a leading online marketplace in Israel, either as an employee or as an independent.


Our range of premium courses includes:

Application Development, PHP, React-React, Adobe-ADOBE, Information Security, Linux-LINUX and more.


Media Managers Course Set includes:

Facebook Sponsored Campaign Management, Google Sponsored Campaign Management, Organic SEO Search Engine Optimization, Data Base Analytics DBA.


ICOM's integrated course set includes:

Building Marketing Strategies, WordPress Websites, Facebook, Google, Consumer Psychology, NATIVE ADS, Marketing Content Writing, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Vendor & Logistics, Systems Management, CRM Servers, Establishment and Business Management.

In the Ministry of Education curriculum database

Icom is proud to be the first college in the middle East for Internet Entrepreneurship Studies and the Ministry of Education curriculum and subsidized by business and governmental bodies.

We are available to you online and offline 24 \ 7 for professional and trusted information from the best professionals in the field, with all the updates and updates in real time and available on the exclusive social network for students.

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